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Tri-City Herald: Americans forward Beau McCue will graduate from Kamiakin

Jun 01, 2013 - 02:41 PDT

By Annie Fowler | Tri-City Herald

Beau McCue has been on the move since he was 13 years old, playing hockey in cities around the West until he landed with the Tri-City Americans this past season.

After spending seven months playing hockey and attending Kamiakin High School, McCue opted to stay in the Tri-Cities and finish out his senior year. He will graduate with the class of 2013 today.

“At 13, I left Montana to play in Las Vegas. At 15, I moved to Phoenix,” McCue said. “Kamiakin is my third high school. My parents (Gene and Sharon) moved from Montana to Colorado Springs, and had I had gone there, I wouldn’t have known anyone. That’s one of the reasons I chose to stay — for the stability, a home base. It’s been kind of nice to hang out with kids I have met here and be a normal kid.”

McCue, 18, is the first Tri-City Americans player to graduate from Kamiakin since 1996 — defenseman Chris Anderson (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan). With most players coming from Canada, they tend to return home and graduate with their friends.